Web Development

Connect with millions all over the world.

In an age of the Internet of Things, make sure you're not left behind.

Whether you simply want your customers to be able to find you or you want to put your whole business online, we can help! Even if you're a just starting up on your own, we believe everyone deserves a place online and that's why we strive to help anyone in any industry!

Not just websites.

Being online brings an almost infinite amount of possibilities, beyond just a simple website. Even beyond membership portals, ecommerce websites, photo galleries and social networks... If you have an element/function of your business that you'd like to access from any device on the go, we can make it happen!
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And not just computers.

Nowadays, you only have to be outside for a minute or two to see somebody connected to the Internet. No longer do people have to be sat a desk to be connected - tablets, phones, watches and more mean that the Internet can be accessed on the go. Ok, if we're getting technical anything that can connect to the Internet is a computer, but...

No technical knowledge required!

There's no denying that the code and technology behid the Internet can be scary, but that's why we're here! We have an in-depth understanding of how the Internet works as well as the code behind your website or web-application, meaning that we will make sure everything runs smoothly. You'll never have to see a piece of code, touch a piece of technology or even use a control panel*.

Always on.

If anyone can access the Internet at any time from any place of the world, they'll be upset if they can't access your website/web-application too! You can rest assured when Lyke Ltd. is in charge with the knowledge that your project will be hosted on servers with 99.99% uptime and a team of engineers on hand in the very unlikely event that things do go wrong.


Unfortunately one of the best things about the Internet - the fact that it can be accessed by anyone with an Internet-enabled device - also means that there are teams of people out there tiresly trying to exploit anything online. But don't worry! We don't rest either! At Lyke Ltd. we always stay one step ahead of the enemy, daily searching for vulnerabilities in anything we put online so that we can patch them before anyone else even finds them.

*If you don't want to, that is. We are more than happy for you to manage as much or as little as you like.