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Counting Hope

Set up by Andy Green, founder of Lyke Ltd., and his family Counting Hope is a charity based in North East Lincolnshire that helps people world wide. It does so by empowering people and providing them with the knowledge and resources that they need to bring themselves out of poverty and hardship. Sal Island, Cabo Verde is the starting point for Counting Hope but the ultimate aim is to be able to put them in a position where they do not need help and then move on to support another place that does! The charity truly has global aims, which is why it's important that they have a world-wide reach.

What we did

For the time being, the website is only needed to raise the profile of the charity so for the most part is your basic website. However, it allows pictures to be uploaded and shared, and members of the charity to post blogs on the website. In the future we can add features such as the ability to donate without leaving the website or even a shopping element to sell merchandise and products from the countries that Counting Hope work in to raise money. We also manage the web hosting, email addresses and domain name for the website.
Last but by no means least, did we mention the website works great on mobile devices? And if you can't remember the website address, it performs great on search engines too - appearing as the top result when searching for the charity specifically, and on the first page for other related key words!

How we did it

The website is built using Wordpress, one of the world's favourite content management systems, and ours too! It means that content can easily be added without any knowledge of code whatsoever, and that includes pages, pictures and videos. Of course, the website uses a completely bespoke theme designed by us to make the website stand out from the crowd and we've also written some of our own plugins to make sure the website fits the brief perfectly.