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You may have guessed it but this website is all about specifically social action, specifically people working together. Designed to complement MiniWEDay 2016, the website not only provides information about the event and associated organisations but also allows to schools to collaborate on ideas to make a difference. The aim is to connect schools across the UK to reduce the amount of barriers in place stopping their social ideas from becoming actions.

What we did

We created an engaging website with multiple interactive forms that allow schools and students to express their interest in the event, and people to sign up to volunteer on the day! In the back end, event organisers can confirm which schools are attending and how many teachers and students are coming from each - making event planning much easier.

It doesn’t stop there, the website has its own social network that is suitable for use by schools. Schools can either put a teacher in charge of posting to the website, or create student accounts whose posts can be approved by a member of staff at the click of a button! Just like any other social network, posts can include pictures and videos and schools can even reply to each other.
Of course, we manage the hosting, domain name, and emails for this project too!

How we did it

We've mainly used Wordpress and BuddyPress, together with a custom theme and custom modules that include that use of Javascript and custom database tables, to create a website that is suitable for use by students and schools!