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It works...

We have been delighted with the level of service provided by Lyke over the last year or so. We had a complicated recording system for all our sport and after school activities, and so much of it was having to be done manually. Lyke managed to quickly grasp the nature of our problem, and work with us to plan the way forwards. As we have worked together so closely (communication has been first rate from them) we have adapted our goals and Lyke have helped us enhance our package. We very quickly had a basic operating system (well ahead of schedule), and Lyke then trained our operators in the use of the processes which were simple and very user friendly. As new functionality was added, Lyke increased its training and the end goal has surpassed our expectations. We are delighted to remain committed to Lyke and look forward to working with them for many years to come. Overall it has been a huge success story.- Simon Northcott, Director of Enrichment, DRET.

David Ross Education Trust

We're proud to have been working with David Ross Education Trust, an organisation that owns 33 academies across the UK, since 2015. DRET provides their academies funding and support to allow them to better facilitate the education of students and offer invaluable enrichment opportunities that see students grow both academically and as individuals. We sincerely hope that our relationship with DRET becomes long term as we too value the importance of education! Much of the focus for enrichment and education from the Trust is on sports, and that's currently where we step in...

What we do

Every year thousands of sports clubs and extra-cirricular sessions take place within the academies; sessions for which the details were stored in countless spreadsheets on numerous computers, making the task of colating all of the data into a single end of term report a pain staking process that took days worth of man- power. Using the systems that we have developed and will continue to develop this information and more is available to any authorised users at DRET instantly.

We have worked closely with DRET, even going as far as to get first hand experience with the previous system, to not only build a reliable system tailored to everybody's needs but also to move away from bad practices and ensure data integrity. Our system now allows teachers to login with their individual accounts to configure sports clubs and fixtures, register students at sessions, keep track of students' details and reward them with points for effort or achievement, and see how their academy is doing in itself and in comparison to other academies. All from any internet enabled device and without the risk of data getting lost, corrupt or being inputted incorrectly thanks to live feedback and error checking systems; this also enables an endless number of possibilities to expand the system in the future.

It doesn't stop there either though. We are constantly working with the Trust to develop exciting new systems that change the way students interact with their academies and make room for staff to focus more on students and less on paper work, as well as achieve new things that were never before possible. At the minute the systems that we develop and maintain for DRET are all for internal use only so unfortunately we can't demonstrate them to you, but in the future its very possible that some of the systems we will develop under this project will become available to the public too - it would be great to showcase the excellent students, teachers and work that the Trust is responsible for.

How we do it

DRET asked for a completely bespoke solution and that's what we delivered! Built from the ground up, the system uses a combination of PHP, HTML, CSS and Javascript/jQuery and talks to a MySQL database where all the thousands of records are stored. There's no code quite like it, but we do use some standard open source libraries as well to make the system better, faster, more secure and more robust.