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Things are happening!

July 21, 2016 by andy

Things are happening!

Although the company has been incorporated for a number of years now, for us 2016 has been the most significant and the most exciting! It's the year that we managed to put our feet firmly on the ground after I graduated from college in Summer 2015 and started to make up for the lack of attention I gave the business during my studies. To mark the point when I thought the business was steady, I realised our brand new website and tweaked our branding a little bit to show everyone that we're open for new clients.

However anyone that knows me even a little bit will know that I don't like "being steady" for too long! Things only move if you push them and as both an individual and the management director of Lyke Ltd. I don't see a reason to stop moving - there's always a way to better something! Our goal here is to deliver the very best solutions to our clients and ensure complete satisfaction, and as business' needs grow and technology changes so must our business.

That's why I constantly look at new ways by which I can improve what the business has to offer. Dan Richardson, who I'm sure you'll hear from, has recently joined the team to help me everything I do however as we take on more projects his job role is likely to become more focused. We've also embraced social media a lot more and we plan to interact with all of you, and share content that is useful to you!

As a company, we have core values that have largely come from myself. Education is one of those - and I'm exciting to announce that an Intern from Franklin College will be joining us through the Career Ready programme for four weeks in July and August! Not only does this mean that during those weeks we'll have an increased capacity (contact us today) but also we're proud to be giving back and helping a student with their future. This is something I feel very passionate about as I know first hand how important education is.

So, I didn't lie when I said things are happening, and there's more action to come! Make sure you follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to keep up to date with the very latest!