Callum's networking experience

August 8, 2016 by callum

Callum's networking experience

Hi it’s Callum again, this last week we have been very busy with networking events and meetings. For me, last week has been the better than the first. It has been very enjoyable and I’ve been able to get my head down and get lots of work done.

First of all on Tuesday we worked at the Business Hive as we were attending ‘First Tuesdays’, the Hive’s monthly networking event. This was very interesting for me as I was able to meet some new people and have some very interesting talks. While chatting with multiple people it made me realise a lot of things such as I need to carry on working hard as my future will not come with no or minimal effort. It was a very good and enjoyable evening overall and I’d definitely attend again if possible. Big thanks to Andy Green for inviting me.

On Wednesday me and Andy travelled to Grantham for a meeting with a client. This is good experience for me as I am currently working on a program for a local company for my computer science project, so I was able to gain some experience of gathering information from clients.

We created another video for the Lyke Ltd. Facebook page on Thursday. It was a very fun video to shoot and we are all quite happy with how it turned out. Make sure to go check it out!