Last week of the internship

August 19, 2016 by callum

Last week of the internship

This is my last week here at Lyke Ltd. and I can’t believe how quick these 4 weeks have gone. It has been a very enjoyable and definitely a valuable experience that I can take with me and reference in my future opportunities.

I have learnt a lot in the last 4 weeks, including valuable skills I can use in the near future. Some of these skills are communication, web development, social media marketing and also programming languages. Being able to attend multiple meetings and events, I have understood how to professionally speak to clients which will be beneficial to me for my computer science project. I have furthered my knowledge of programming languages and can now write basic code in HTML, CSS and jQuery/JavaScript. I will be able to use these when I go to university and even afterwards.

Earlier this week me and Andy met up with Alex Wright, an ex-Facebook employee and now owner of his own business, Knapton Wright. He specialises in digital and social media marketing, so to be able to speak with him was very interesting and allowed me to gain an insight of how different parts of different social media works. Meeting Alex and networking with other people throughout the 4 weeks has been a great and unique experience to me.

Throughout the 4 weeks we have created a series of videos to go out on Facebook. These have been really fun to make and we have all had a good laugh throughout. Luckily for everybody, we have made one or two more videos to go out for when I’m not here, so keep an eye out for that!

Working with Andy and Danny at Lyke Ltd. have been really enjoyable. Andy has been great support throughout my internship and has helped me with many things and to help progress my skills further. I can say that working with these guys has been a pleasure and I hope I can help out some time in the future. All I can say is thank you to Lyke Ltd. for giving me this opportunity, being my first time experiencing this industry it has been fun and an experience I’ll never forget.

Just a note from Andy here! I'm so glad that you enjoyed your time working as an intern here at Lyke Ltd.. It has been an absolute pleasure and invaluable to us as a business so I'm pleased that I was able to help you too! We're really looking forward to the future now that you have helped us find our feet (so to speak) and I hope the future will still include you at some point. Good luck in whatever you do, you'll smash it! You always know where we are.