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Andy Green, Managing Director

My name is Andy and not only am I the managing director of Lyke Ltd. but I'm also the founder! If you ever catch me without a piece of technoloy there's something wrong because I believe that technology has a huge potential to change people's life's and that's my ultimate goal. Whether it's life changing in terms of business, education, or even medical advances I'd like to help and with various awards behind me and many years of experience I'm confident I can.

In 2016, at the age of 19, I won the Young Entrepreneur Award at the Northern Lincolnshire Business Awards! The year previous to that I won Computing and IT Award and Contribution to College Life Award from Franklin College, as well as a Diana Award for Courageous Citizenship. These are just some of the achievements I'm most proud of!

I'd love to meet up with you and have a chat about how Lyke Ltd. can help you!

We do Web and Software Development!

That's our passion, what yours? We love to help people and with the rapid pace of technology we hope that whatever your passion is, we can do something for you. As a company we hold the importance of education very high and strive to support social causes too...

A little history

When we incorperated the company in 2010 we could never have imagined writing this today. Our plan started out as selling off-the-shelf software, which we still plan to, but as technology evolved so did Lyke Ltd. What were futuristic concepts are quickly becoming reality and it is evident that that at the core of these new concepts lies the ability to code and think outside of the box! Two things that we're good at it.

Our primary goal is to help people and that's when we came to the conclusion that creating off-the-shelf products wouldn't cut it. To really help and enable you to get the very best out of technology you need solutions that do everything you want them to perfectly! You wouldn't settle for a suit off the hanger if you could get a tailored one, would you?

Why call yourself 'Lyke Ltd.'?

This is one question we get asked a lot, and it wasn't quite a random choice but it isn't related to Andy either! One thing we've identified is that many people are scared to switch to technology or a bespoke solution, or reluctant because it means change. Of course there does have to be some degree of change, but we try to make our solutions as close to 'real life' as people and make them like things we can all relate to! However, 'like' is to mainstream (plus, we probably couldn't trademark it), so we thought we'd put a 'y' in instead! But still, don't forget to dot the 'Y' ;-).

Oh yes, and the 'Ltd.' part? That's because we are a privated limited company, registered in England and Wales, but that and 'limited' take too long to type all the time.


Everyone likes to feel as though they are getting value for money, including ourselves. As an SME we're able to keep our costs down and we're constantly working to become as cost effective as possible so when you get the bill you're left with a smile on your face, not disappointment!

Customer service

The phrase 'treat others as you would like them to treat you' is pinicle in our business! Despite what sterotypes may have you believe we are really social, and if you're not happy with something we won't stop until you are. Our development skills aren't just on screen either - we make sure that we know our clients and their needs as well as possible before we start jumping into create a solution to make sure that it doesn't just solve problems, but it creates success too!

Can we help?

Even if you don't know the answer to that question, we'd love to hear from you. Whether you have a project in mind, you need help with an existing solution, you think you may be able to help, or you'd like to give us some feedback feel free to get in touch! Don't forget to check out everything we have to offer too.

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